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October 6, 2008

Brent Morgan Neckties have been around a few years with a stylish British design feel. This year they have revamped the line with a Prep and Trend line. The Prep neckties have a wonderful traditional style to them; subtle stripes and work friendly polka dots. The BM line is something the necktie industry has been waiting for, these styles are so fashion forward, that they will stand the trends of time. Bright vibrant woven silk designs ranging from space, to floral. If we can recommend a new line this year, Brent Morgan nailed it down to the smallest detail. Visit Neckties to see the line up.

Brent Morgan Trend Brent Morgan Prep Brent Morgan Trend Brent Morgan Prep

Christopher Bloom Neckwear

Author: Necktie Advisor
August 16, 2008
Welcome in a bold & stylish new look into your daily attire with this impressive all silk men’s necktie from Christopher Bloom. Known for his use of bright colors and bold lines,

  • Brand: Christopher Bloom Neckwear
  • Material: silk
  • Pattern: Conversational
  • Texture: Satin Finish
  • Size: 3.75” x 58.0”

The Christopher Bloom Ties Are Available at

Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom

The Colors of Men’s Clothing

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 20, 2008

Believe it or not, the color of your tie, your shirt, or your suit may be sending a message about your mood, your intentions, or your personality. Different colors carry different meanings, which are often picked up by others on a subconscious level. Just as certain colors draw you more than others, these same colors tend to give others an impression of who you are.

You already know that the style of clothing you wear should be chosen carefully for important events, such as interviews and business meetings. Likewise, you should always dress in colors that send the right message for the occasion. Below are the basic colors found in men’s fashion, and what impressions are associated with each.


It is no mistake that black is popular among businessmen. Black carries with it an expression of authority and power. At the same time, black is traditional and elegant, an expression of style that is both understated and confident.

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What to Do with Old Ties

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 19, 2008

Do you have ties that you never wear? Maybe they are ten years out-of-date. Maybe they are stained or dirty or worn, and just don’t look as sharp as they used to. Maybe they were a gift that you never liked to begin with.

Ties that you don’t wear take up valuable storage space. But what can you do with a bunch of old ties? A lot of things, actually. Here are a few ideas for getting rid of unwanted men’s ties.

Donate Them to Goodwill

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