What to Do with Old Ties

Author: Necktie Advisor

Do you have ties that you never wear? Maybe they are ten years out-of-date. Maybe they are stained or dirty or worn, and just don’t look as sharp as they used to. Maybe they were a gift that you never liked to begin with.

Ties that you don’t wear take up valuable storage space. But what can you do with a bunch of old ties? A lot of things, actually. Here are a few ideas for getting rid of unwanted men’s ties.

Donate Them to Goodwill

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You may have already heard that a suit and tie is your best bet for a job interview. But did you know that your choice of suit and tie can be just as important as wearing business wear in the first place?Different colors, patterns, and cuts can give potential employers different impressions. The differences are subtle, and often their effect is on a subconscious level, but they could still mean the difference between getting the job…and getting the boot.

Here are five things to wear in order to impress a potential employer.

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Tie Related Gifts for Women

Author: Necktie Advisor

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special woman, but don’t know what to get? Most jewelry stores and gift stores that sell gifts for women focus on the “girly girl,” but you and I both know that not every woman will be equally impressed with the same diamond heart pendant every other woman wears. Unfortunately, the focus of the market makes it difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman who dares to be different.

Women’s ties and tie-related accessories make a good gift for women who don’t like the normal cookie-cutter jewelry and gifts. Who says ties for women have to be masculine? Here are a few tie-related gifts that will look anything but manly around a woman’s neck.

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Going to a job fair or a career fair can be nerve-wracking not just because you have to impress so many potential employers, but also because you may have a hard time deciding what to wear. Whereas an interview almost always requires professional attire – a suit and tie – career fairs vary in the type of attire they expect. To complicate matters further, they host a variety of employers, all of whom have their own expectations.

Although some career fairs request that participants dress in business casual, professional or business attire is the traditional expectation. To determine what you should wear to a particular job fair, check the literature on the event – you may find information about what to wear in the flyer or on a web page about the event.

Business Attire for Career Fairs

If you are required to wear business attire to the career fair, remember while choosing your clothing that you are being asked to represent your most professional side. All of the elements of your outfit should combine to create the best possible impression on your potential employers.

Suit – Business attire requires a suit for occasions such as this one. If you don’t have one, choose slacks and a sport jacket that look as professional as possible, but a suit is highly recommended. Dark, conservative colors such as dark grey or navy are the best choices; you may choose between a solid suit or one with subtle pinstripes, but be sure to avoid any obvious patterns or colors. Make sure your suit is clean and neatly pressed before the event.

Shirt – Always wear a long-sleeved button down shirt with business attire, as a short-sleeved shirt tends to look more casual, even if it is a button down style. Your shirt should also be clean and neatly pressed.

Tie – A conservative tie should always be worn to a career fair – never anything too trendy, cutesy, or humorous! Traditional patterns such as a diagonal stripe are best, and colors should be dark and fairly muted. Never choose anything that will act like a bull’s eye to draw a potential employer’s gaze away from your face.

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