March 11, 2008

Summer – the season so dreaded by many well-dressed men – is coming. With the longer, sunnier days comes the discomfort of wearing heavy clothes and multiple layers in the summer heat. But do men’s fashions always have to be hot and uncomfortable in the summer? We say they don’t. Here are six ways to beat the summer heat while still looking your best.

Experiment with a more casual look. Summer tends to be more casual than other seasons. Check with your office dress code – you may be able to make all sorts of changes to your wardrobe to make the warm weather days more comfortable for you. For instance, your workplace may let you dispense with the jacket and even the tie, except on days where a formal business appearance is necessary. But even if your workplace or a special occasion doesn’t let you lose some of the layers, there are still things you can do to keep your cool in the summer heat.

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March 7, 2008

When it comes to a new job, the interview isn’t the only place to which you should consider wearing a suit and tie. While the dress code at your new workplace may range from casual to business formal, your objective the first day is to make a good impression on your new coworkers – and, most importantly, your superiors.

Dress Slightly More Conservatively than the Dress Code

Knowing the dress code in your new workplace will go a long ways toward helping you choose an outfit – and easing some of your anxiety as to whether it’s appropriate. But how do you find out what dress code you should follow?

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