Can Men Wear a Pink Necktie?

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 11, 2008

You might remember a scene in the beginning of Alfie where the title character explains why he likes to wear pink shirts. But can men really get away with wearing pink? The question is rather hotly debated, with one camp claiming pink never belongs in a man’s closet, while the other camp insists that pink can be an attractive and tasteful addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Unfortunately, when we talk about men wearing pink, most people envision the hot pink tank tops of the 1980s – and who wouldn’t rebel against that mental image? In actuality, though, pink and red were thought of as boys’ colors until the 1920s. This just goes to show the power that society has over us, right down to the hidden meanings we interpret in colors.

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Using Men’s Ties for Holiday Crafts

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 7, 2008

Make a Star-Shaped Centerpiece for Your Table

For children – and many adults as well – decorating for Christmas is the best part of the season, because it marks the beginning of the holidays. Making your own decorations can add to the excitement.

Wonderful holiday decorations can often be made using everyday materials from around the house. For instance, a wonderful star-shaped centerpiece for your dining table can be made using men’s ties.

Although this project is fairly simple, it does require some sewing, whether via a sewing machine or by stitching the ties together by hand.

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