What to Do with Old Ties

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 19, 2008

Do you have ties that you never wear? Maybe they are ten years out-of-date. Maybe they are stained or dirty or worn, and just don’t look as sharp as they used to. Maybe they were a gift that you never liked to begin with.

Ties that you don’t wear take up valuable storage space. But what can you do with a bunch of old ties? A lot of things, actually. Here are a few ideas for getting rid of unwanted men’s ties.

Donate Them to Goodwill

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Using Men’s Ties for Holiday Crafts

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 7, 2008

Make a Star-Shaped Centerpiece for Your Table

For children – and many adults as well – decorating for Christmas is the best part of the season, because it marks the beginning of the holidays. Making your own decorations can add to the excitement.

Wonderful holiday decorations can often be made using everyday materials from around the house. For instance, a wonderful star-shaped centerpiece for your dining table can be made using men’s ties.

Although this project is fairly simple, it does require some sewing, whether via a sewing machine or by stitching the ties together by hand.

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Men’s Fashions on a Budget

Author: Necktie Advisor
March 3, 2008

Many men enjoy dressing in expensive, sophisticated clothing – they just can’t always afford to. This can often be the source of men’s reluctance to dress in business attire for work – it’s not that they don’t like wearing suits and ties, but that the kind of clothes they would like to wear are way out of their league. Even stocking your wardrobe with suits, dress shirts, and ties of a lesser quality can require a large chunk of cash. So how do you dress appropriately and fashionably, without breaking the bank to do so?

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