What to Do with Old Ties

Author: Necktie Advisor

Do you have ties that you never wear? Maybe they are ten years out-of-date. Maybe they are stained or dirty or worn, and just don’t look as sharp as they used to. Maybe they were a gift that you never liked to begin with.

Ties that you don’t wear take up valuable storage space. But what can you do with a bunch of old ties? A lot of things, actually. Here are a few ideas for getting rid of unwanted men’s ties.

Donate Them to Goodwill

Taking your old ties to a thrift store is always a great way to free up some closet space without contributing unnecessary trash to our landfills. At a thrift store, your unwanted ties can be resold and reused. Don’t worry too much about how worn your ties are: While someone who is looking for inexpensive business clothes may want ties with more wear left in them, there are also plenty of people who look for ties for more unusual uses, such as part of a costume or a craft project.

Give Them to Your Children

Give your kids a few of your old ties and watch how many different uses they can find for them. As part of a dress-up or play closet, men’s ties often turn into leashes for stuffed animals, blindfolds, colorful headbands, pirates’ scarves, belts and sashes, and other props for imaginative play. Unwanted men’s ties also make a great addition to a craft center, where they can be cut, pieced, glued, sewn, and otherwise incorporated into numerous craft projects.

Donate Them to a School

If you don’t have any children of your own to give your old ties to, or if you have more unwanted ties than your kids would know what to do with, you could donate them to a school or childcare center. Your old ties could be used as materials for art projects and crafts, dress up, costumes for the school’s theater troupe, or sewing practice for home economics classes.

Give Them to a Seamstress

Do you know someone who sews a lot? A pile of old men’s ties is like a treasure trove of fabric for someone who likes to make things, particularly someone who is into quilting. Ties are usually made of very fine fabric, which makes them ideal for making things like quilts and comforters. Men’s ties can also be used a variety of other craft projects, such as handmade purses and bags, skirts, headbands, belts, throw pillows, and even placemats.

Sell Them on eBay

If you have a few exceptional ties – such as vintage ties, brand-new or like new ties, or ties with unusual colors or patterns – you may be able to sell them on eBay. Likewise, a large lot of ties sold online would appeal to crafters and seamstresses – not to mention save you on the fees accrued if you list them separately.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of selling on a large online auction site such as eBay, you might be able to sell your old ties at a garage sale or a yard sale, or using a local forum such as community bulletin boards or Craigslist.org.

Give Your Old Ties a Chance for New Life

No matter which approach you take when getting rid of your old ties, the important thing is that you are giving them a chance to be used and enjoyed by someone else. One obvious advantage is that you generate less trash when you donate or sell your old ties rather than throwing them away. However, you also enable someone to own respectable business attire at a cheaper cost, or give some kids something with which they can entertain themselves for a while. Passing your unwanted ties on to someone else gives them new life by allowing someone new to enjoy them.

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